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Soursop Elderberry Teatox (4)

Soursop Elderberry Teatox (4)

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4 Tea Supply ---This tasty Teatox is sure to be your go to for any type of viral help. We combined our Jamaican Soursop Leaves with Elderberries, ginger and agave to give you the best autoimmune support available. Drink this whenever you feel a cold coming on or feel like you need a picker upper. Keep frozen until ready to drink.

-Soursop Leaves are known to have detoxification,antibacterial and antiviral properties

-Elderberries are known to enhance imune function by boosting the production of cytokines, relieve nasal congestion, treat respiratory illnesses, contain vitamins A,B,C and potassium. 

-Ginger helps alleviate stomach gas and helps with intestinal problems. It is also a antioxidant.

-Blue Agave is used to sweeten the teatox.

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